Vocal Training: Singers often undergo extensive vocal training to develop and maintain their singing abilities. This includes techniques to improve pitch, range, and control.

Practice and Rehearsals: Regular practice is essential for singers to refine their skills, memorize lyrics, and perfect their performances. Rehearsing with musicians or a band is also crucial, especially before live shows.

Song Selection: Choosing the right songs that showcase the singer’s strengths and style is an important aspect of their work. This involves collaborating with composers, lyricists, and music directors.

Recording Sessions: Singers spend time in recording studios to lay down tracks for albums, singles, or film soundtracks. This involves multiple takes to achieve the desired quality.

Live Performances: Performing live requires not only singing skills but also stage presence, audience interaction, and the ability to handle the energy of a live audience.

Collaborations: Singers often collaborate with other artists, composers, and producers. This involves effective communication, creative input, and teamwork.

Promotional Activities: Building and maintaining a public image involves promotional activities such as interviews, photo shoots, and appearances on various media platforms.

Adaptability: Successful singers need to be adaptable to different musical styles and genres. This versatility allows them to appeal to a broader audience and explore various opportunities.

Business and Networking: In addition to their artistic endeavors, singers may need to engage in the business side of the music industry, including negotiations, contracts, and networking with industry professionals.

It’s important to note that the life and efforts of a singer can vary widely based on factors such as their level of fame, the genre of music they specialize in, and individual preferences. If you have a specific aspect of an Indian singer’s work or career in mind, feel free to provide more details, and I’ll do my best to assist you.